Music & Lyrics by George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin

Book by Ken Ludwig

Conception by Ken Ludwig & Mike Ockrent

Based on material by Guy Bolton & John McGowan

Original Broadway production by Roger Horchow and Elizabeth Williams

German adaption dialogues by Markus Hertel and Stefan Huber

German adaption lyrics by Kevin Schroeder.


Opening night June 25th, 2011, Open-Air-Festival Tecklenburg


Directed by Andreas Gergen & Christian Struppeck

Musical Direction by Tjaard Kirsch

Choreography by Danny Costello

Set Design by Susanna Buller

Costume Design by Karin Alberti




“A theatrical pearl as open-air-enjoyment – light-footed, easy-going and skillfully staged to the point: The swing-musical "Crazy For You" by George Gershwin on the open-air-stage in Tecklenburg is not only a sweepingly joyous and simply perfect musical theater evening that brings enjoyment, it is - without exaggeration - one of the best productions, which have been there in a long time. And although the show was performed a few years ago in a rather fair production at the repertory theater in Osnabrueck, the Tecklenburg team now manages it indeed to raise the quality standards regarding musical theater for our region once again. Not only the throughout convincing cast holds a significant portion of this, but especially the direction with its sense of style by experienced theater veterans Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck. Musicals need a very keen sense of timing, especially if they are supposed to be funny. And how that hit home! To make a long story short: Broadway seems to have arrived in Tecklenburg.”

Osnabrücker Nachrichten, July 21st, 2011



"A great show! An ordinary story? Not on stage. The directors Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck have peppered it up with delicious humor. Together with choreography by Danny Costello they have created of one piece of a work of art. One gag is delivered after the other. And the eye cannot get enough of the fast-paced tap-dance numbers. The details make so much fun in this musical. After the opulent finale the audience could no longer sit on their seats. A never ending applause rewarded the cast and live orchestra. George Gershwin would have loved it.”

Westfälische Nachrichten, June 26th, 2011



"Extremely colorful like a cartoon, sweet like a wedding cake and fast paced like a classic screwball comedy – that is how the musical "Crazy For You" presents itself in the production of the open air festival in Tecklenburg. With this play by George and Ira Gershwin the theater treats itself to a nearly perfect production for its 100th anniversary. The directing duo takes the book seriously, without turning it into a drama, yet light, without underestimating it. For two and a half hours the team ignites a firework of a gags, wordplays, mix-ups and intrigues. The comedy is supported by excellently acting stars. "Salute" to this well worth seeing performance – as well as to the ensemble."

Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung, June 26th, 2011



"The directing team Gergen-Struppeck stages the turbulent story with a lot of attention to comic detail. The result is a screwball comedy with lots of wordplay and slapstick. A wicked little parody of American show business pops out under the swaying skirts of the dancers, when the actors go theatrically to the ground during the saloon gunfight or when impresario Zangler tells his leading lady, "We will find a replacement. That's showbusiness”.”

Münstersche Zeitung, June 26th, 2011



"The fact that "Crazy For You" at the open-air-stage in Tecklenburg is such fun, is mainly the merit of the brilliant directing team. Christian Struppeck and Andreas Gergen have staged the play fast-paced and full of good punch lines. One joke chases the other. The whole production seems like a cracker full of good directing ideas.", July 30th, 2011



"Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck have now ventured to stage the German outdoor premiere of the revamped classic - and they deliver a kind of production, you can very rarely find in German theatres. (...) The director's team plays cleverly with the modules of the Wild West and the musical-theatre-dream-factory. (...) Gergen/Struppeck understand ingeniously to integrate the enormous stage area into their production concept. All of the actors are all led by them with a firm hand. In general the ensemble is precisely casted down to the supporting roles and convinces in all ranks. (...) "Crazy For You"."

Trade magazin "musicals", edition August / September 2011



"Tecklenburg scores with an enthralling "Crazy For You” version. Responsible for the production at the theater in the castle are Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck, a congenial team, which is considered to be Germany's most creative directing team of the younger generation. And it hardly grants the audience a breathing time. (...) Between lustfully arranged mass scenes and haunting solos are constantly developing little side actions, far apart from the big events, that are consistently expanded in the course of the show. They exchange with rousing dance numbers, brilliantly celebrated witty dialogues, evergreens, punch lines and parodies and almost costume changes, carried out almost in minute by minute. "Crazy For You in the diction of Struppeck and Gergen and a indestructible, high-speed traveling is fun machine (...) In the Tecklenburg open-air-theater audiences rarely laughed as heartily and applauded as wildly as especially during and after this performance."

Trade magazine “DaCapo” / edition August 2011



"The musical revue “Crazy For You" is entertaining and colorful (...) and was welcomed with standing ovations at the premiere. The directing team, Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck has worked out the comedy and so the piece bursts with colorful small ideas. Many dance scenes, including tap dancing staged full of relish (choreography by Danny Costello) are fun and are more than just an accompaniment to drama and singing."

Borkener Zeitung, June 26th, 2011


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